A world where people are empowered to do their best work.

By creating wildly successful businesses that are outstanding places to work for generations to come.

Because, they add value to the lives they touch and make our world a better place.


Purpose & Passion to
Add Value, while
Doing No Harm
in the process.

Better World
Kill the Company Quote
Business IS Personal

Rules of Engagement

A starting place to get everyone on the same page about what acceptable behavior looks like, regardless of their background or experience.

Some examples include:



Every person deserves respect, regardless of their title.



We gain from listening more than speaking.

Speak Your Truth


Respectfully speak your truth.



We all benefit from receiving timely, specific, and ongoing feedback, regardless of title.

Stay Curious to Minimize Conflict


See more opportunities & better understand differing opinions by asking questions to learn more.

Meet Commitments

Build Trust

Meet your commitments and make things right if you run into trouble and can’t.

Complaining hurts your reputation.
Instead, do something!

Tell us about serious problems at work.

We’ll take it from there…

Core Values

Empower people to make good decisions in in the moment.

Some examples include:

Adaptive & Resourceful

Agility relies on being Adaptive & Resourceful in times of constant change.

Stay Curious

Approach situations with curiosity. Keep an open mind. First, seek to understand.

Continuous Improvement

To stay relevant, embrace new information, technology and insights.

Life-Long Learning

Embrace life-long learning as a way of life to grow and thrive.


Finding Win/Win/Win alternatives builds strong, long-lasting, trusting relationships.

Keep Commitments

Build trust by letting others know when you can't and find a way to make it right.

3 Ways to Be the
Change You Want to See in the World

Best Self

Work towards being our Best Selves every day, especially when it's hard!

Collective Intelligence

Boost our Collective Intelligence by staying open to the ideas of others.

Add Value

Channel energy into Adding Value to everything worth doing!

5 Ways You Can Make a Difference

Let’s create a tipping point so “human centered” is the default way of doing business.


Invite your tribe to join the Movement.


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