3 Step Process:

Copy and paste your unique code into your survey AND save it for your Anonymous Account Number (in step 3).

Your Unique Code is located below Step 3 of this section and before the Anonymous Survey Form.

Use your Anonymous Account to communicate with us.  Additional information may be needed to implement your ideas and to let us know how things are progressing on your end, without providing any identifying information.

Complete the 10 Question Anonymous Survey.

Any question that does not apply to your situation, simply answer with “No” or “None.

Set-up your Anonymous Account, using your unique code from Step 1, so that we can communicate with each other about your survey responses and the results that you hope to achieve.

You will find the Anonymous Account Setup button below the survey form (near the bottom of the page).



Serious Problems at Work, Anonymous Survey

Frustrated, upset, worried, fed up? Safely report serious issues at work by completing this survey. Once you let us know about the issues you face, we'll contact the person you suggest and let them know about your concerns.

The 6 digit number located above the survey form.