Employee Engagement Built-in?

We know what behaviors, practices, and processes drive high employee engagement and performance but we’ve patched them into environments that are deeply embedded with counter-productive mindsets, business practices and systems at their core.  The result is like trying to patch a dam riddled with leaks one water spout at a time; it’s a futile exercise. 

Instead, what if employee engagement practices were interwoven into the organizational design?  Rather than leaving the interpretation of employee engaging behaviors up to individual managers, design employee engagement practices into the foundation of its operations.


Business Design 2_0 - Overview
How Did We Get Here?

At the dawn of the industrial age employees relocated from the farms to the factories.  Many came with little or no formal education and no factory experience.  They probably needed lots of managerial support.  There were lots of hurdles to overcome back in those days. 

A lot has changed since then, today’s workforce is more highly educated, more collaborative, and tech savvy than any that has come before it.  Yet, many of the mindsets of the early years of mass production still linger in today’s standard operating procedures, putting an invisible stranglehold on mainstream business success.

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