Share a Story

Share a Story

Do you have a story to tell? Something that will open our eyes and minds? Share your experience with the good, bad, or ugly.

Have confidence that identifying information (like your name and the company’s name) will never be shared.

Your story may be used to make a point in a speech, blog post, article or a video as a way to help people connect and find better ways to move forward.

For example, there is a large european or asian company that has zero waste. They reuse, recycle, sell, or donate everything.

They don’t send anything to a landfill. It saves them tons of money, year after year, and sets a good example for the rest of us. I remember the story, even though I can’t find the article…

The goal is to share meaningful information that people can use to avoid problems, make bad situations better, or set a good example that the rest of us can follow.

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Send in Your Story

Providing your contact information is optional. We will only use it to follow-up with you, if we have questions or need clarity. If we use your story, it will be generalized and your identity will be protected. Some details may also be changed to protect your identity. Industry and number of employees helps us and others put your story in context so we gain a better understanding of the situation.

Examples: Retail, Education, Manufacturing, etc.
Orders of magnitude. Examples: < 50; < 100; > 250; > 1,000, etc.
Overview of key elements that the reader needs to know to put it all together.
How did things turn out in the end?